“A new beginning for The Knights of Pythagoras in Tennessee”

The Knights of Pythagoras organization in Tennessee dates back to the Annual Communication of the 87th conference. Since that time and until now not much has changed for the K.O.P movement in Tennessee. First called “The Order of Pythagorans” as founded by James A. Revaleon, P.D.D.G.M of Boston, Massachusetts, and the Prince Hall masons in 1936, for the Youth of the Race, to develop character, and to promote their social and material. This movement was later picked up and commenced by Prince Hall Masons representing the Grand Jurisdiction of Kansas and Colorado under the name “Chivalric Order of Knights Companions” in a conference held November 16, 1938; and adopted for universal use in the Grand Jurisdiction of Prince Hall Masons throughout the United States under the name “The Order of the Knights of Pythagoras” under the leadership of Grand Master Amos T. Hall, President of

The National Conference of Grand Masters, May 8-10, 1951. After a survey of all the movements designed for the benefit of youths, as started in several Grand Jurisdictions, disclosed alarming defects, as a solution to the many difficulties, “The International Supreme Council of the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras” was formed at a National Conference on Youth, held in Chicago, from the “Pythagorans” to the “Chivalric Order of Knights Companions”, to the “Knights of Pythagoras”, and the “International Supreme Council of the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras”, how far have we come? Since becoming Director of the K.O.P movement under the direction and guidance of the Honorable Arvin W.C. Glass, Grand Master, this organization until now has been without a clear national direction. While our sons wait for us to come together, we’re still searching for an identity. In Tennessee this is not and has not been the case.

At the Conference of Grand Masters, May 14-18, 2014, Jackson Ms., it was decided that each Jurisdiction should establish its own Charter of Independence.Under the direction of Grand Master Glass we began this process in 2012, clearly taking charge of our own destiny as it was accepted by the 143rd conference of 2013 Tennessee Jurisdiction Prince Hall Masons. Our actions indicate that we are ahead in our thinking and actions on the subject of our youth. While our K.O.P organization has not had an annual concave, we were able to bring the West and Middle regions together for a conference.

I asked for and received the appointment of a Deputy Director, Eric Boyd of the Nashville District. Deputy Boyd has worked untiringly with the K.O.P movement and will be a major part of the development of the K.O.P Tennessee program. I am honored to have had Director emeritus Mack H. Reed as a mentor in the K.O.P movement. It is because he refused to give up on our youth that I continue to be an advocate for the sons, grandsons, nephews, and friends of Masons who one day hope to become Masons themselves. It has been said that the K.O.P is not a junior masonic order. Perhaps this way of thinking is why we fail to see our youth as we see ourselves. Perhaps if we could see them, (our youth), as they see us, we would embrace them all the more.

For the first time in the recorded history of the K.O.P movement in Tennessee, I have received $1500.00 operating expenses for the K.O.P organization. Thanks to Grand Master Glass and all of the attendees of the 143rd Grand Conference, we were able to assist with the funding of programs in the West and Middle Tennessee An old Chinese proverb says, “The Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”. We have begun to take that step. Our slogan, is “Preparing a New Generation of Boys to become Leaders among Men”. This is a testament of our commitment to this movement. With your help our youth will develop the skills necessary to grow and become productive citizens

My vision for our youth movement is entwined with the K.O.P slogan. I believe that today’s K.O.P is tomorrows’ Grand Lodge Cabinet. It is for this reason I continue to look for Master Masons willing to commit to and devote themselves to the growth and development of our youth movement. We are after all Prince Hall Masons, so named after a man of vision and action. When we apply the principles of our founding fathers to our movement, we then, “Train up a Child in the way he should go….” Proverb 22:6. We then produce Governors, Mayors, Grand Masters and even Presidents.

Bobby C. Pearson Sr. 32°
Grand State Director, Knights of Prince Hall, Tennessee and Jurisdiction P.H.A

“Preparing a New Generation of Boys
to become Leaders among Men”


  • Memphis District KOPH
  • Hampton Trice #16 KOPH Clarksville TN
  • B. L. Hooks #104 KOPH Nashville TN
  • Pega Psi Council #2 KOPH Jackson TN